Travel to Uganda!

Things to Consider When Planning Your Trip:

Below is a list of shots required to visit Uganda. This list is compiled of CDC suggestions based on the risk of disease of the area. All travelers are urged to check in with their doctors months prior to their trip just in case the shots require several installments or a few weeks to start to work. Budget for shots in your travel plans, some are expensive and necessary. Depending on the area you are visiting and the activities you will be doing, you may be at a greater risk than others, make sure to check in with your doctor to see which shots apply to you.

Shots Required for All:

  • Routine Shots
  • Hepatitis A
  • Malaria
  • Typhoid
  • Yellow Fever

Some Travelers Require:

  • Cholera
  • Hepatitis B
  • Meningitis
  • Rabies

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The majority of this info was put together via the CDC and CCCU's well traveled contacts. We urge you to check out the CDC website for more of the most current information.

Check out the Facts!

Click the button below to learn some facts about the country of Uganda as well as the people, the food, and the culture among other things! We recommend thoroughly researching any country before you visit, and this next page will get you off to a great start! 

The facts

Here is What Our Friends Have Said

Jennifer Strickland

"They welcomed us and welcomed us for three hours. "You are most welcome" is the Ugandan greeting, expressing their sincere and gracious hospitality. The community leaders and town council members were all there. [...]

When we were all finished, we were led into one of the half built classrooms where a giant meal had been prepared for us. When you come to visit Uganda, you can be sure not to go hungry. They'll stuff you and the food is delicious. There was rice, posho, a unique cabbage recipe they make here, beans, beef, chicken, beef liver (the first live I've ever had that actually tasted good!), peas.. another special recipe, bananas.... they were so generous! [...]

 As a good friend of another well known organization here says, our donations are not a hand out but a hand up. When you're in a hole so deep, a life line is helpful to begin making progress. Hope for a better future can go a long way. "

Jen's Time with CCCU

Shelby Norris

"You are going to love visiting there. The people are so nice and open to sharing their stories. The children are the happiest. The country is beautiful too and it is really quite eye opening seeing how they live. [...]

Safety: It is plenty safe to travel in Uganda. I never once felt uncomfortable or threatened when there. It's really just use common sense and don't wear expensive jewelry/clothing or have big fancy cameras/cell phones out in the open. Don't walk around at night alone. Respect their culture and values. Also arrange for transportation to and from the airport and such, as driving would be dangerous and I wouldn't trust public transportation. And then just be cautious of foods, make sure everything is cooked, don't drink the water, and even avoid vegetables that aren't cooked or fruits without thick skin. "