about our board of directors



(President) Hannah Muller lives in Essex County, New Jersey.  She was a girl scout for a decade and has always enjoyed volunteering and helping those less fortunate. Her grandfather was a Minister and instilled the values of helping others, and the importance of ministry work from a very early age. Her inspiration for initiating Child Crisis Center Uganda started when she came in contact with Zalambi Joseph through Facebook in May of 2016. After forming a friendship with Zalambi, she learned of the terrible poverty that the children in Uganda are subjected to every day. Hannah became passionate about transforming the children's lives and was able to start up the 501(c)(3) non profit organization with help from her boss, family, and friends.  




(Executive Director) Zalambi Joseph has a degree in education and serves as the Executive Director for Child Crisis Center in Uganda. He is the only board member who resides in Uganda with the orphan children and implements new ways to help them every day. He has a desire to see lives changed and generations transformed. Growing up, Zalambi watched his grandmother fight through breast cancer. She taught him that no matter how much pain life throws your way, to never to give up. He uses his knowledge to help keep children in safe and loving environments, transforming villages and overseeing the projects that CCCU is helping. In addition, he handles emergency child rescue or child abandonment situations that occur in Magooli, Uganda semi frequently.  




(Executive of Fundraising) Dan O'Neil lives with his wife in Baltimore Maryland. 

In August 2015, Dan met Zalambi Joseph on the United Methodist Church Facebook Page. They became friends and communicated often, developing a friendship. They spoke of the difficult living conditions. He was able get help from his Church and friends who have generously donated to make changes for the community of Magooli United Methodist Church in Uganda East Africa. 

God Bless. 




(Executive of Marketing) Lauren Sheehan lives in Worcester, Massachusetts. Growing up in a church and a community that were both heavily focused on aiding others, Lauren has been working to help different communities throughout her life. Lauren and Hannah were fortunate enough to meet in college and have been close friends ever since. Having learned about the cause and watched Hannah's love and dedication only grow over time, Lauren wanted to do her part to help the organization and the children; so she took on the marketing arm of the organization in June of 2018. Believing that an education is the most powerful thing someone can have, Lauren is committed to helping educate the children and community through CCCU. 

Love & Light 




(Honorary Board Member) Kennette Lawrence Thomas lives in the foothills of North Carolina in the tiny town of Mount Airy. She is an ordained Deacon in the UMC appointed beyond the local church at Surry Community College, where she teaches composition, literature, and religion. Kennette is the Minister of Outreach and Care at Central UMC of Mount Airy, and she met colleague Zalambi Joseph through a UMC Deacon Facebook page. Kennette has always believed that one cannot save the world, but to a few, the difference a person can make can mean the world. She believes in the power of education and in the idea that we are all neighbors called to serve one another. Kennette is married to Jon Thomas, who also teaches at Surry Community College, and she loves writing, playing her piano, hiking in God's creation outdoors, experiencing new cultures through travel, and spending time with family, friends, and her German Shepherd, Petey.