CCCU Sponsorship Program is fueled by donors who sponsor one or more child all year allowing them the opportunity for a full education. Having a sponsor allows to child the best chance to succeed in school regardless of the financial situation they are in by supplying them with the materials and hope they need to flourish.


Children In Need: Here you will find pictures and small bios of each child that is in need of a sponsor. 

Sponsorship Packet: This packet contains sponsorship information, application, terms & conditions. Please fill out this form and email to where it will be reviewed. Upon acceptance you will receive a thank you email and a welcome packet. 

Children In Need (pdf)


Sponsorship Packet (docx)



What do I need to sponsor a child?

  • Some extra love & compassion
  • A Regular contrubition 

How do I select a child?

  • The attached document has pictures and small bios of each child available for sponsorship. 
  • If you have no preference and would like CCCU to select a child for you, we would be more than happy to do so, shoot us an email!

What does a sponsorship do?

  • Provides a child with the necessary supplies to participate in all school activities throughout the year
  • Pays school and lunch fees
  • Provides clothing and shoes
  • Gives them hope for their future

Can a child attend school without a sponsor?

  • Yes but they likely will not have the materials necessary to take notes or keep up in lessons all year

Can I talk to the child I sponsor?

  • We can relay messages for you via email , just be sure to include the child's name in the subject and the body of the email.
  • Scroll down just a bit further and fill out that form! Include the child's name in both the subject and body of the email.

Contact your sponsored child

Send a message to your child!

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Please allow for at least  3 business days for your message to be shared as we have limited man power on the ground in Uganda