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Below is a collection of links & videos gathered by CCCU board members. All items here are for education purposes and are not owned by CCCU in any way. Please visit the "Sources" tab or click the button below for a complete list. 

How clean water supports women and girls


National Geographic partnered content with P&G

This is a great article that briefly talks about the daily struggles of collecting water. 

"As basic as it may seem in other parts of the world, in these places, easy access to clean water can be life-changing and liberating, freeing up time and energy for more enriching opportunities."

Schools adopt play-based teaching to improve learning


Daily Monitor Education News

This article explains play-based teaching and how it benefits children's learning abilities and character. The article gives successful examples and useful tips to apply play-based learning methods in the classroom. 

"Play-based and inquiry-based approaches [are used] to introduce, enhance and extend learning ...This has been a work-in-progress for several years. Many students have not learned how to comprehend what they are learning but they read to pass examinations. Tests are meant to develop memory and cramming, while manners or character are not catered for. "

CCCU's school, Magooli Academy for Children - Namayingo, has built play-based learning into it's curriculum. The students have taken to the method easily and the teachers are seeing results!  

Africa Is the Youngest Continent

Here is a great video of Bill Gates explaining how important the young people of Africa are.