Hello to all of our gracious donors!

We want to first off thank you for helping Child Crisis Center Uganda and Magooli Academy for Children - Namayingo thus far. In so little time we have accomplished so much and it is all thanks to you

Our children have completed their first term at MACN and are so eager to start again on May 27th 2019. We ask that you join us in sending love, warm wishes, and prayers to our children as they get ready to start school again for Term 2! By sending a message to the children, you are showing them that there is someone rooting for them, wanting them to succeed. That message alone could be the drive they need to succeed in school, this term and all to come. Many of these children come from broken families, and are living with relatives that do not have time to put forth to play with and/or support the child each day. By sending one small message, you are really sending support, love, and encouragement to these children urging them to continue and finish strong each and every semester. 

Send wishes & prayers to MACN students for the new term

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