The Magooli Academy For Children - Namayingo


The Magooli Academy for Children - Namayingo (MACN) has been an ongoing project of CCCU’s since March of 2018. This ongoing labor of love could not have been possible without the help of our donors, workers, educators, and of course the children. 

CCCU believes that with education as a foundation, children can have endless opportunities. 

The school

MACN is the only non-profit school in the entire Namayingo District and it supports 80 children across three different class levels. There are four teachers and one cook on campus that are in charge of all the day to day at MACN. The baby class has 11 children, the middle class has 23 children and the top class has 46 children in attendance everyday.  Of the 80 children in attendance, only 60 of them are supported by MACN. The remaining 20 children are attending the school on their parents dime to get a quality education in the local village. The parents of these children have agreed to supply their child with clothes and school materials in addition to paying MACN $14USD a month to feed their children while they are at school. 

The teachers use syllabus and curriculum designed by the National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC) of Uganda. Subjects taught are: Numbers, Health Habit, Language Development 1, Language Development 2, and Social Development.

The teachers apply several methods of teaching in their daily lessons. Some of the methods they use are, guided discovery, discussions, and continuous assessment. The current lack of a computer has proved to be a bit of a challenge when it comes to giving daily assignments to the children. 

The children have an eight hour school day Monday - Friday with additional time on Saturday for bible lessons. 

  • 7:00AM--------------------------Arrive
  • 10:00-11:00AM----------------Break
  • 1:00-2:00PM--------------------Lunch
  • 3:30-4:00PM--------------------Games & Sports
  • 4:00PM---------------------------Departure


What We Have Been Doing


School Construction: March 2018 - February 2019

To construct the three classrooms at MACN it took local workers about 11 months. We ran into several hurdles during this process that slowed down or halted the work. The funding for this school was a group collection effort that at times slowed or halted causing work to do the same. Additionally, there was a heavy rain season that caused worked to stop (and even wash away) causing extra work upon restarting.  

We first started with the foundation, followed by laying bricks for walls while framing for doors and windows. This is where we ran into the rainy season and the rain began to wash away the cement mixture holding the brick together. With the help of our donors we were able to raise enough money to start roof construction! In September of 2019 we finished the roof and closed off the school from any more rain. By October 2019, we had installed metal windows and doors throughout the building to ensure safety from any wildlife. Come end of January 2019 the school was completely plastered and ready for the children to start their first term!


Sign & Crest

 In Uganda, all schools are required to have a sign in front of the school containing key pieces of information. MACN needed to create a badge or crest as well as a motto for this sign. In March of 2019, CCCU adapted their current logo to make what is now MACN’s school badge. Then came the creation of the motto: Learn, Grow, Succeed - because that is exactly what CCCU hopes to accomplish through educating youth at MACN. The mock up design was sent to a local Ugandan sign designer and within a week he was able to create the beautiful sign that now stands on school grounds.


Latrine Construction

For the school to legally open, it was required to be equipped with a latrine building that is detached from the school but still on property. Latrine construction began in December of 2018 and took local workers three short weeks to complete.  The latrine on property is a called a pit latrine, which is a type of toilet that collects human waste in a deep pit in the ground that is connected to a toilet or squatting pan for comfort.  


Water Tank Construction

After MACN opened its doors to students on February 4th, 2019, the district inspector of schools visited the site and informed CCCU that we needed to erect a water tank on property within a month or else the school would be shut down. Once again out lovely supporters came together and raised money for the water tank. In June of 2019 water tank construction began. It took local workers just two weeks to finish the tank. The water tank is a 30,000 liter (8,000 gallon) rain collection tank which collects rain water from the roof of the school. When it rains, all the rainfall that hits the roof drains into gutters that feed into the collection tank. There is then a covered tap on the side of the tank to allow for easy retrieval access. The tank provides drinking water for the school and community, it can provide approximately 300 people 50 liters of water.  

Looking Forward


MACN has been providing quality education to 80 children since February of 2019. The amount of growth we have seen in not only the children and community, but in CCCU as an organization has been wonderful. As we grow we hope to continue to bring the best opportunities to the Magooli community. With that being said, MACN is only a fraction of the way done! The original plans for MACN include eight classrooms, a library, staff room & offices, a cafeteria and a courtyard-like activity area. MACN is a long term project that we hope will provide education to the community for years and years to come.  

80 Children ➔ 1 School ➔ Endless Opportunities